Hoselect 4.8Kwh Lithium-Ion Wallmount


The Hoselect 5.1 kWh 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 UPS Battery – Wall Mount is a household renewable energy storage solution developed and produced by Lithium Batteries SA. When fully installed, it is a low-voltage DC battery system with an operating voltage of 51.2V, and works with a low voltage inverter to realize the goal of energy storage for home application.

The battery pack supports parallel connection to expand capacity, which can meet various capacity requirements. It has a built-in battery management system (BMS), which can manage and monitor the pack and cell information – including voltage, current and temperature. What’s more, the BMS can balance cell charging and discharging to extend cycle life. aluminium case prismatic cell.

  • Battery cell is made from lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) with safety performance and longer cycle life.
  • BMS has over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, high and low temperature warning and protection functions.
  • BMS monitors charge and discharge state, and balance current and voltage of each cell.
  • Flexible configuration, max. 16 packs can be connected in parallel for expanding capacity and power with 8 DIP switches.
  • Working temperature range is from -20 °C ~50 °C (Charging 0 °C ~50 °C ; discharging -20 °C ~50 °C ) with excellent discharge performance and cycle life.
  • Details

    • CAN Bus Comms: Victron, Growatt, Sunsync
    • Bulk Absorption: 56V
    • Float: 54V
    • Low Voltage Cut Off: 44V
    • Continuous Charge/Discharge For Single Unit: 100A
    • Charge for Parallel Units: (100A * No of units in parallel) / 2

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    Hoselect 4.8Kwh Lithium-Ion Wallmount